The Menu Board Story

I have always loved chalkboards - and I love having one in my kitchen!  Before kids, it was a fun way of commemorating special events or displaying dinner party menus.
After my first son was born, the menu board become a functional part of our family kitchen.  At that time, I was cooking meals at odd hours whenever I found time.   The menu board became a way to keep track of what's in the refrigerator and how long it's been in there.  And it freed me from having to be part of every meal decision in our house.  Instead of asking me what there is to eat and what needs eaten up first, my family looks at the menu board and fixes something.
And if you've even been to my house, the menu board is quite the conversation piece!  I regularly hear things like: Ooh - whatcha makin' this week?  Yum- what's "Mediterranean Mac 'N' Cheese"?  Do you by any chance have any extra "Lemon Poppyseed Muffins"?

The blog idea came to me after hearing several different mommy friends vent about the challenges of meal planning and cooking for their families.  For me, this is one of the parts of mommy-hood that I enjoy most.  Why not take what I already do every week and publish it so that other people can benefit and/or offer suggestions?  Voila!

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